Case Study: Girl’s Friendly Society – Roofing

Holligan building services were employed by the girl’s friendly society (GFS) to strip and re-roof a flat roof of a 4 story Victorian terraced building.

This included:

  • Stripping the old roof and disposal of all debris
  • Repairs and replacement of rotten roof joists
  • Replace all firing pieces to ensure correct fall on roof for egress of water
  • Remove roof light and repair ceiling inside the building
  • Replace all plywood on roof area
  • Reseal roof and parapet wall areas with new roof covering (TROCAL)

The roof was in a very bad condition and was leaking in a number of places.

Access was obtained using a scaffold and mechanical scissor lift as the work zone was at such a height and was also above the main entrance to the building, which remained in use during works.

As it was a terraced building consideration had to be given to neighbours on both sides in regards to water run-off from the roof.

Consideration also had to be given to neighbours with regards to noise and general mess associated with this type of work.

Due to the nature of the work guard rails and fall arrest systems had to be put in place along with risk assessments and site inductions for all staff required to work on the roof area.

The type of roof covering used on this project was trocal, a leading product in the flat roof industry.