Case Study: Construction of Sunroom in Athy co. Kildare

Holligan Building Services (HBS) were contacted to construct a sun-room for a client in Athy co. Kildare.

This project included:

  • Design building
  • Construct building
  • Re-landscape garden

This building was to contain as much glass as possible due to the direction it faced as no direct sunlight would enter the building. The difficulty with this was that the wall which would get direct sunlight, was over looked a neighbours garden.

Roof height was also an issue as it was agreed to keep the roof as low as possible, so a glass fibre (GRP) roof was agreed upon. This roof covering is used on flat roof construction mainly but is also used in many other areas of the construction industry. It is extremely strong and very durable with life spans in excess of 25 years in most cases.

The extension contained glass on 2 walls of the room giving a panoramic view of the garden.

This project is ongoing and will be updated as it progresses.